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Alcohol Christian Rehab Statistics

Alcohol has a bigger effect on the people of our country than we think. With addiction having a key influence in certain unexpected areas it is commonly up to alcohol Christian rehab to clean up the mess than an addict can cause in their own lives. Each and every year clinics up and down the country do fantastic work in allowing people to achieve the sobriety that they may have only dreamed of before. Here this report is going to show you some of the statistics behind the great work that they do 24 hours a day seven days a week.

The amount of money which is being invested into caring for those who are suffering from alcoholism is astronomically high. In America alone the total amount of taxpayers’ cash which is being spent on healthcare for alcohol addicts is well over 100 million. Many of those who are in treatments are those who have been referred from hospitals where 25 of the people who are treated have a drinking problem of some sort.

Some Christian rehabilitation clinics have been known to treat more than alcohol with some also extending to caring for those who have been a victim of substance abuse. One of the main reasons for this is the way that some alcoholics are also frequent users of another drug.

In total 40 of the cases which generic rehabilitation clinics see are alcohol-related. By looking at the amount of admissions which were seen into state-run rehabs we can gather that approximately 720000 people were treated for an alcohol-related problem in one year alone.

In 2006 according to data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration the main age group which was treated for alcoholism in a rehab clinic was those who were aged between 20 and 24 with the age group being accountable for 14.4 of all alcohol-related admissions. Some experts believe that this is because of the way that such young people are exposed to many social events where drinking alcohol is the norm.

When the statistics that show attendance at alcohol Christian rehab clinics is highlighted it can be seen that there are three times more men than women who are seeking help for the addiction which they have accrued. This is a shocking indicator of how those who are male are more vulnerable to becoming addicted to alcohol than their female counterparts.

In alcohol Christian rehabs many clinics have been making conscientious efforts to treat the people they care for as individuals and not statistics. They believe that this increases the level of self-worth that an addict may have of themselves. As a person begins to become sober after a long time of being under the influence of alcohol it isn’t unusual for a person to feel ashamed and disgusted with how they may have been in the months prior to their treatment. Through intensive counselling Christian clinics endeavour to allow a person to grow in more ways than one.

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