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Managing Diabetes Is Within Your Control

If you have been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes you may be feeling a little overwhelmed and not in control. But once you realize that managing diabetes is completely within your control you will feel so much more relaxed and able to reduce your risk of complications.

Of course being mindful of what you are putting into your body is of the highest concern as is taking your diabetes medication but you also need to check with your physician about what exercise program you can begin. If you aren’t exercising at all you are removing one of the surest means to help manage your diabetes.

If exercise is new to you, you will want to begin slowly. Starting an exercise program doesn’t mean you need to run out and join a gym, buy all the accoutrements and sign up to run a marathon. Even the smallest activity will put you on the road to managing your disease.

If you do some morning stretches and take a small walk daily you will be making a great improvement. If there is work to be done around the yard such as raking leaves or weeding in the garden, this will keep you active and give you more energy. If your car needs to be washed or the dog needs to be walked, you will begin to feel better. Other ways to start small would be to park at the end of the parking lot and walk a little further to the store, walk every aisle even though it is not required. If you have a job during the day, take a walk with co-workers or make this a time to do errands. And of course, take the stairs instead of the elevator.

All these seemingly small exercises will ultimately burn calories and have you feeling better. And the better you begin to feel the quicker you will see results and you will be in control.

As with any exercise program, please check with your doctor

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