The Benefits Of Hemp Oil For Cats

Hemp oil has become increasingly popular for human health, but did you know that it can also be beneficial for cats? Hemp oil for cats can provide them with a host of benefits, from improved joint mobility to better coat and skin health. In this article, we’ll explain what hemp oil is and why it’s beneficial for cats as well as how much to give your cat and any potential side effects to look out for.

What Is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil, also known as CBD (cannabidiol) oil, is derived from the Cannabis sativa plant. While hemp contains trace amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis, it doesn’t contain enough THC content to cause any psychoactive effects. Instead, hemp oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids like Omega 3s and 6s and many other vitamins and minerals that make it an excellent addition to your cat’s diet.

How Does Hemp Oil Benefit Cats?

Using hemp oil for cats can offer a variety of health benefits. The omega fatty acids can help improve their coat and skin health by providing essential nourishment and moisture from the inside out. Additionally, the high levels of antioxidants may help reduce inflammation associated with arthritis or other joint conditions in older cats. Furthermore, hemp oil may help boost immunity levels and support overall digestive health in young kittens or adult cats alike.

Dosages & Administration

When giving hemp oil to your cat, always follow the package instructions to determine dosage – a general rule of thumb is 1-2 drops per 10 pounds twice daily; however, this will depend on your pet’s size, age, diet and overall condition, so consult your vet first before giving any supplements or medications if you are unsure about dosage or frequency. Where possible, only buy organic hemp oils that are free of additives or preservatives, as they may contain solvents or fillers that could potentially harm your pet if ingested over time. For best results, try mixing the drops into wet food or treats that have been pre-softened, such as canned tuna or salmon, to make them easier to consume – just be sure not to use products containing raw fish, such as sushi grade/quality, as these types often contain parasites which can contribute to unwanted digestive problems over time if fed regularly!

Possible side effects & contraindications

Despite its many benefits, there may be some risks involved in using hemp oil for cats, so it is important for owners to monitor their pet’s activity closely after administering doses just in case any adverse reactions occur, such as vomiting/diarrhoea – if either occurs stop use immediately and contact a vet! In addition, certain breeds may be more sensitive than others due to genetic predisposition, so take extra care when dosing smaller animals such as Persian kittens, which may react differently than larger breeds such as Maine Coons etc… That said, most pets typically tolerate CBD quite well – although there have been some reports suggesting that long-term use could lead to liver toxicity, so again, keep an eye out just in case anything suddenly changes after you start administering it regularly at home!

Final thoughts on using hemp oil for cats

Overall, hemp oils are a great way to naturally improve the quality of life for our feline friends without having to worry about serious side effects – however, before starting any supplement routine, discuss use with a qualified vet to ensure safety compliance across the board! With correct dosages administered responsibly, there should be no reason why this holistic remedy cannot become part of a regular health plan going forward – allowing us all to enjoy watching our furry four-legged family members live happier, healthier lives going into the future together!

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