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What Are the Famous Aesthetic Types?

There is a wide variety of different “aesthetic types”, including, but not limited to, Goth, Emo, Hippie, Rocker, Skater, Boho and many more. So, what is an aesthetic type? The definitions vary from person to person, but some similarities are that these individuals typically wear dark or unconventional clothes and may be seen as unkempt. Additionally, these individuals often have diverse interests and focus on the social aspect of life, even if it is unrelated to their passion for said interest.

As for style, their look includes dark colours or unconventional colours; these individuals may also be seen in anti-consumerism campaigns and may have a distinct sense of style altogether. There are many different “aesthetic types”, but they can be broken down into a few major groups. You can also take help from, as this link will allow you to get a great opportunity to enhance your knowledge about aesthetics.

  • Rocker

This aesthetic type usually focuses on being unkempt and not caring about fashion trends. They have short hair or a buzz cut, are often seen in t-shirts and jeans. However, many rockers will fashion their clothing and have a distinct look that doesn’t follow the trends. Some famous rockers include Kurt Cobain and Rob Zombie.

  • Goth

Gothic individuals usually focus on the dark side of their fashion and wear black clothing and black nail polish. Goths usually wear black clothing as it is a neutral colour. Goths usually dress intending to be noticed because they are different and they are very passionate about their look.

  • Emo

Emo is a sub aesthetic type of punk-rocker who wears dark clothing, piercings, and sometimes facial tattoos. It is another aesthetic type that focuses on being different and expressing themselves through their look.

  • Mall Goth

Mall goths are often called the “emo” aesthetic type; however, they are different from Emo in the way their style is put together. They are often seen wearing tight or form-fitting clothing, bright coloured clothing and high tops or converse shoes. The mall goth focuses mostly on fashion as an art form, not as a necessity or life cutting edge.

  • Hippie

Hippies are usually seen wearing bell-bottom jeans with long, flowing dresses. They often wear headscarves and beads and have long hair. The hippie aesthetic type is usually seen with long hair, flowing clothes and loose-fitting clothing. They often have flowers in their hair and wear pastel colours; white or yellow are some of the most common colours for hippies to wear.

  • Rocker

Rockers are usually seen in torn-up jeans or tight jeans with patches on the knees or elbows. They are also seen wearing ripped t-shirts, scarves, and maybe a leather jacket.

  • Boho

Bohos are generally seen wearing loose clothing, flowing scarves and sometimes hats. Hippie is more enthusiastic with the idea of natural beauty, while boho is more inclined towards fashion trends and eccentricity in general.

  • Skater

Skaters are usually seen wearing baggy clothing, athletic shoes and colourful hair. The skater aesthetic type is seen wearing very baggy clothing, skateboarding shoes and fingerless gloves. In addition, they are often seen with long hair and a goatee or a moustache, as well as a ring in one ear.

With the info, you can learn about the famous aesthetics types that can help you better understand aesthetics.

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